Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Years Resolution: Blog More!

Well, I just decided since I didnt come up with a New Years Resolution that its going to be to blog more. So much is happening and I just want to have a way to remember it all!

The last time I posted anything was August and ALOT has happened since then:

October Jack and I went to San Fran! We got to see where Edward was going to college and spend my dads birthday with him!

Thanksgiving was spent in Pocahontas. The Jardines didnt make it this year and they were really missed!

Christmas was spent in Hawaii which was a blast! Jack loved the pool so I cant wait for the warmer weather!

Jack started Mothers Day Out at St. Thomas Church and so far so good. He just goes on Mondays for now...but maybe more! He also started Kindermusik last week. Crystal and Brooklynn Henry are in our class which is great! He really seems to enjoy it and when we played the CD he loved it so I cant wait for class number 2 tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing Amanda, Zack, my mom, hopefully Edward and the Hudsons in LA at the beginning of March. Here are a few pictures of Jack for now... I promise to write more...How else am I suppose to remember what I did yesterday!:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow! We have been busy!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted anything but we are been busy! I will start with the 4th of July...
We traveled on an airplane to Cocoa Beach, Florida to visit with my dads side of the family like we do every year. Even Jack being only 6 weeks old wasnt going to stop us! We got to see Clintons grandmother and Uncle while we were there as well. I am so glad that Jack got to meet his great grandmothers! I have lots of pictures that I will post at a later're just lucky I found a few minutes to type!
We returned from Florida on the 6th with Cita (my mom) which was a great help! Cita then took off for Nashville and Jack and I followed behind via Pocahontas on July 17th. Yes, road trip by myself with a baby by myself...He did great! We visited the Rolling Hills Country Club in Pocahontas where Gran (Clintons mom) showed him off! We then took off for Nashville surprising Cita a day early!
Nashville was so much fun! Sally Coble threw a sip and see and lots of old friends got to meet Jack! I was so glad. But the real reason for being in Nashville was for Neely Cobles wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. We then had a LONG drive back to Fayetteville but it was a great time! Poor Amanda shared her room with Jack and me so she got NO sleep the whole week and has now said that she isnt having kids for at least 10 years! Ha ha!
We are headed to Pocahontas again this weekend for a golf tournament!
Tex has been very sick though..... They found a large mass in his stomach and probably one in his nose which is causing his nose bleeds. He is taking medicine which is making him feel better but it is very sobering to know that his time on this earth is limited so we are spoiling the hell out of him!
So, like I said... a lot going on and I promise to post pictures soon!

Love, Elissa

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The first 2 weeks

Well, everyone says the first 2 weeks are the hardest, but Ive been blessed with a little angel! He rarely cries and if he does it is because he is either wet, gassy or hungry. I only have to get up once in the middle of the night to feed which allows me some sleep! He has been a dream....but I have also had my mother and mother-in-law in town to help which makes a huge difference, so now that I am on my own during the days....I may change my mind! Either way, Im in love with this little guy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jack Norman Bennett has arrived!!!!

Hi All! Well it is official! Baby Jack has entered the world! He weighs in at a tiny 6lbs 3oz and believe it or not, 20 inches long! He is doing well and is so sweet! He just looks at me and my heart melts! I now understand what everyone has been talking about all of these years.

Because he is so small and is a little slow to figure out the whole eating thing...we are going to stay tonight as we will and head home tomorrow afternoon. We cant wait to take him home to meet his big brother Tex!

So here are a few pictures of Jack, but don't worry this is only the beginning!!! Thanks to all for all of our support over these past nine months! We could not have done it without each and everyone of you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Is The Final Countdown!

Amanda (Elissa's sister) here. Lis is in the bed right now, hooked up to juice and ready to have this baby! At 41 weeks she's been quite a trooper. Honestly, coming from a sister who would love to give her a hard time about as many things as possible (payback for all the years she gave me a hard time...and for the time she pushed me down the stairs in a suitcase*...but that's another blog), I can't find one thing to rib her about when it comes to being a high-mai pregnant lady. She's been a champ. We've been walking day and night, pushing on pressure points, eating eggplant/thai food/hot salsa/large Italian meals, more walking, wii-fit hula hooping (hysterical by the way), more walking, more eating, more crazy old wives' tales... But, nada. 

So, yesterday at her 41 week appointment (evidently an appointment that no pregnant lady wants to have (much less one whom was told 3 weeks ago that she'd be unlikely to make it to her due date)), Elissa and Clinton, through the encouragement of their doctor, decided to go ahead and induce. 

So here we are, Jack's Welcome Committee, posted in the delivery suite, waiting out the next few hours until Jack makes his debut. AND, big news: her water was broken a few minutes ago! So, as Clinton's mom Kim just said it best, "There's no turning back now!"

AND, as I wrap-up this post, Lis has started to have a few contractions!! (She starting to think that she might be getting that epidural now.... In her own words, "If this is 'nothing,' I don't want to know what 'something' feels like.") 

*Grandma Norman isn't too please with the mention of this fact in the post. So, to appease her, a) Elissa is not an evil person, and b) Jack, if you read this in a few years, don't get any ideas.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

.......AND WAITING!!!!!

So my due date was 2 days ago! But for some crazy reason he has decided to stay put! I guess the whole "you wont make it to your due date" was a BIG LIE! Ha ha! I luckily have felt fine just like the rest of the pregnancy really so if he needs a little more cooking time I guess I can accept that!

I have had time to finally get his room together and now since my sister is here she is able to add the final touch of his monogram above his crib! (We are doing that this afternoon so its not in the pictures yet.) Here are some pictures of the nursery....I just hope he will be here soon so he can enjoy it as much as I have!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Still Waiting.....

Well, since the doctor thought I would deliver before my due date of May 12th, I had my mom come early.....
She was originally suppose to arrive the 9th (tomorrow) which right now looks like she would have been just fine!
Having her here though has been a blast! She went to the doctor with me Monday where I was told I was 2.5 cm and 80% effaced! We just knew that her coming early was the right decision, however, my mom was at 3 cm for 3 weeks and 6 days LATE! with my sister so maybe I am just going to follow in her footsteps! If I made it to my next appointment, Dr. Partridge said we could talk about inducing, but since I dont want an epidural (I know...Ive lost my mind) I would prefer not to do that so we will just wait and see!
We have finished getting everything ready, washed, and pressed for Jack's arrival. We have walked mile after mile but he just seems pretty happy in there I guess.
I have had a lot of cramping and some contractions but nothing seems to stick around for very long, but hey, its better than nothing!
I hope my next blog has little pictures of Jack on it, but if things keep going like they are... dont count on it!